Each year, Greger Pacific Marine works with our customers on dredging projects both foreign and domestic. We have successfully worked under some of the most adverse conditions both offshore and inland bringing repeat customers year after year. We are proud of our crews’ safety record and our ability to meet the customers’ production needs each year. We work hand in hand with the Army Corps of Engineers, making sure that we are following all of their protocols while working on Corps projects.

Our tugs are equipped to handle anchors and to tow single and tandem barges for dredging projects. With our extensive dredging background, our experienced crews are all familiar with this type of work. We all take great pride in working with our dredging customers and are committed to safely and efficiently while managing customer production needs.

Here are some of the types of dredge related services that we have been able to provide:

  • Towing dump scows both offshore and inland for disposal 
  • Pushing hopper barges, scows, and derrick barges 
  • Dredge anchor handling
  • Pipeline towing
  • Dredge and scow relocation towing inland, coastal, and ocean

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