exit procedures

exit procedures

here is a list of all your domains 
gulfpacificmarine.com second site
pacifictugs.com not assigned
southamptontowing.com not assigned 

each one will cost you about $12 per year to keep registered, any you don't transfer i will just let expire to get them transferred you will have to call (480) 505-8877 and they will talk you through the process of transferring them, i just have to accept the transfer at my end.

You have an email inbox set up for gregerleasing.com make sure you back any important emails up before the transfer and you will then have to have godaddy set up a new email for you

once you have them set up a new hosting account you can upload the contents of zip folder web for your main site and gulf pacific marine for the other site.

this will take at least a week to be completed so the sooner you start the better, keep in mind ill be unavailable from the 15th to the 21st 

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