Dutra Port of Richmond Maintenance Dredging

  • By Ron Greger
  • 30 Nov, 2015

Tug Noelani

Tug Noelani, Departing with 5,000 Cu. Yard  Scow W . F . -9 from Dredge Paula Lee bound for offshore disposal site. San Francisco Bay along with the port of Oakland and Richmond maintenance dredging that occurs yearly. We currently operate two tugs offshore ranging from 3,000hp to 4,000hp.
By Ron Greger 05 Aug, 2016
By Ron Greger 05 Aug, 2016
By Ron Greger 17 May, 2016
Available for Charter on San Francisco Bay
By Ron Greger 17 May, 2016
By Ron Greger 04 Jan, 2016
By Ron Greger 04 Dec, 2015
By Ron Greger 02 Dec, 2015
Healy Tibbitts contracted our tug Noelani to tow the 400'x76' cargo barge from Longview, WA to Kalaeloa Harbor. The voyage was completed in 10 days. 

By Ron Greger 02 Dec, 2015
GPM Filling in for Sause Bros towing Lumber barges from Pacific northwest to Long Beach and San Diego.
Sause Bros has always been a great company to contract with over the years.
By Ron Greger 02 Dec, 2015
The Tug Trojan Later renamed Capt Reino Mattila after a good friend and well respected West Coast Tug Master,
She was purchased from Crowley Maritime in 1996 which started all of this. Now retired, but not forgotten, She had a direct reversing Enterprise diesel with 1,000hp @ 425rpm.
We later added a retractable Z-drive forward, She served 12 years with us working the bay and towing on the coast.
Great Memories and we would not be here doing this without the opportunity Crowley Maritime offered.

By Ron Greger 01 Dec, 2015
One of many load and lash projects for customers that need to relocate their equipment.
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